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Job Opportunities
Job Opportunities

Opportunities to work on the CS-DRMS project

Vacancies relating to the CS-DRMS project occur from time to time. These fall under the following categories:

Permanent Posts
Temporary Employment

Commonwealth Service Abroad Programme


The aim of the Programme is to enable the Secretariat to meet the short-term technical assistance needs of member governments through the deployment of highly qualified volunteers. The Programme supplements the Secretariat's regular technical assistance programme referred to above.


Applicants should have advanced professional qualifications and at least 10 years experience in senior positions within their relevant fields.


Volunteers are contracted for up to 3 months on a no fee basis but receive a daily living allowance at UN rates and return economy class airfares (and airfares for the spouse, where assignments are for more than six weeks).


Visit Commonwwealth Secretariat Webpage for more details.