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Test your debt knowledge
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Test Your Debt Knowledge

1. In CS-DRMS terms, what is DOD?
ADebt on Demand
BDisbursed Outstanding Debt
CDebt Over Delivered
DDisbursed Over Debt
2. In CS-DRMS, what does the first four digits of the loan key represent?
AThe year the loan was signed
BThe year the loan will became effective
CThe year the loan should mature
DIt is an arbitrary number
3. In CS-DRMS, ADIPS is applied to ..
ADisbursed Outstanding Debt (DOD)
BCommitted Undisbursed Balance (CUB)
CCUB which is not covered by existing disbursement rules
DNone of the listsed
4. In CS-DRMS, tranches in a multi-tranche instrument should be in the same currency.
5. Given two non-concessional loans would you opt for a loan with.
ALoan with low effective interest rate
BLoan with high effective interest rate
CNot possible to decide with the given information

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