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Test your debt knowledge
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Test Your Debt Knowledge

1. Which is defined as a long-term debt?
ADebt with original maturity of over 1 year
BDebt with a remaining maturity of 6 months
CDebt with an original maturity of 6 months
DDebt with original maturity of 1 year
2. In CS-DRMS which exchange rate is used for generating flows reports?
APrevailing rates at the transaction date
BAverage rate for the reporting period
CEnd of period rate
DRate at the cut-off date
3. In CS-DRMS, what does the first four digits of the loan key represent?
AThe year the loan was signed
BThe year the loan will became effective
CThe year the loan should mature
DIt is an arbitrary number
4. With all factors equal, does a higher discount rate yield ...
ALower Present Value
BHigher Present Value
CNo effect on Present Value
DLonger Maturity Profile
5. What is the most appropriate exchange rate to be used for conversion of debt?
ASelling Rate
BBuying Rate
CSpot Rate (mid-point between buying and selling)

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